Biden Begs Aides to Let Him “Just Be Joe” – What Could Go Wrong?

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline /

In the ongoing saga of President Joe Biden’s bid for re-election, insiders are whispering about his desperate plea: “Just let me be me.” According to The New York Times, Biden is itching to shed the carefully crafted facade and show the real Joe.

Faced with questions about his age, Biden and his team are contemplating a bold strategy: allowing “Joe to be Joe.” Translation? More impromptu interactions with the public and an increased presence on social media. What could possibly go awry by granting unlimited Twitter access to an individual who can’t even handle a teleprompter?

Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware is on board, joining the chorus of voices urging the campaign to loosen the reins on ol’ Joe. And hey, did you hear? Biden’s not just the president; he’s a content creator extraordinaire. He even came up with a zinger for a video response to Trump all by himself. Someone get this man a YouTube channel!

But fear not, concerned citizens! The White House assures us that Biden’s jaunts outside the Beltway are all about connecting with the people, not just an attempt to distract from those pesky age-related worries. Nothing screams “youthful vigor” like a septuagenarian trying to stay hip on TikTok. It’s a good thing he has a team to help him remember all the different passwords on his many social media accounts.

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the administration is ramping up efforts to showcase Biden’s cool factor by setting up meetings with social media influencers because nothing says “authenticity” like a staged photo op with the latest TikTok sensation.

Meanwhile, Biden’s press conference attendance is setting records for its lack thereof. Seriously, even Ronald Reagan held more press conferences. But hey, who needs to face tough questions when you can just tweet your way through the presidency?

So, buckle up, America. With Biden’s new “let me be me” approach, it’s sure to be a wild ride.