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Ski Resorts Are Being Threatened by Climate Change

If you haven't heard, climate change is ruining our planet. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few decades, this has...
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The “PELOSI” Act That Will Infuriate Her

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may no longer be in Congress or power, but that doesn't mean her horrible tenure has been forgotten. And,...
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Man with “Jesus Saves” T-Shirt Faced Threatening Security at Mall of America

Security at the Mall of America attempted to kick out a shopper who was “offending” other shoppers recently. What was this man’s offensive activity?...
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There’s a New Trend Among Gen Z… How Will Employers See This?

It seems there's always a new trend of some sort going around. Sometimes, it's a simple fashion statement piece. You know, like ultra-flared jeans....
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Whoopi Backtracks, But Will Disney/ABC Finally Fire Her?

Whoopi Goldberg is doing her best to backtrack from the most recent statements she made regarding the Holocaust and not be driven by racism...
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California Outlaws Communicating with Anyone Under 18 about Firearms

STOP: Are you even old enough to read this? The unconstitutional anti-gun laws being passed in blue states like Oregon and California these days are...
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Gov. DeSantis Investigates Drag Show with Children Present

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking another bold move against the “woke” liberals in his state. A spokesperson for the governor said his office...

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