Biden Orders Hundreds of Millions To Be Set on Fire

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With a single **click** of the trigger, the flamethrowers come to life. Their scorching heat and dancing flame ignite their fibers. As embers fan in the breeze, American citizens are left questioning why Biden would set another $500 million on fire, as it follows the $1 billion they already burned. At least that would be more entertaining than the real story of Biden pumping more into failed buses.

Yes, the electric vehicle bus fleet has been full of nothing but problems. From spontaneous flame-ups to outright explosions, these mobile timebombs are going up in flames anywhere they are deployed, but Biden remains convinced they are the future of transportation in the US. Through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Biden has made these funds available in the form of rebates for schools to take their bus fleets from diesel to electric.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan praised Biden for this blaze of cash. “Thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, more students, teachers, and staff are breathing easier this school year as brand-new clean school buses are hitting the road in communities across America. We’ve seen incredible demand for this program from school districts that want to benefit from the transition to cleaner school buses, leading to cost savings for districts, better air quality, and less pollution.”

The problem is there is no pollution savings from these buses. Even ignoring the costs of fossil fuels for the power plant to supply the charge to the batteries, the decimation done to the earth for the batteries is huge. Just gathering the cobalt, lithium, and other minerals that make up these batteries strips the earth of resources and destroys the land for generations to come. This is not a “green” source of energy in any form.

Local reports from Wichita, KS, Philadelphia, PA, San Jose, CA, and Hamden, CT have all featured raging bus fires since July 2022. When the Hamden fire occurred, city administrators decided to pull the entire e-bus fleet. This came after CT’s top Democrats, Gov. Ned Lamont and Sen. Chris Murphy, had already come out publicly praising the buses to the press.

An EPA Spokesman spoke with the Daily Caller about the news. The “EPA is working closely with the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (JOET) to support school districts as they plan for and implement adding electric school buses to their fleet. Clean School Bus Program applicants and participants can receive technical assistance from JOET through one-on-one meetings, public webinars, and coordination on resource materials; information on battery safety and training for first responders is a topic area JOET can offer technical assistance on.”

Given the costs to the environment in making them and the tremendous $400k price tag, the $200k diesel bus just sounds like a much smarter, economical, and safer option. Yet these liberals continue to deny the existence of the issues, nor that continuing to improve the fossil fuel engine is the answer.

School buses are some of the most common means of transportation in rural America. Getting these kids into the school from miles away, without them, many would have no chance at an education. These buses take kids to and from away games and after-school activities. This isn’t an area for the American people to be experimenting.

Do you want to use electric vehicles in a small village because you don’t want cars on the roads? Have at it. Could be a real blast. But with the kids, it’s not the area to start going cheap and worrying about a nanoparticle of exhaust fumes when the damn thing catches fire for seven days and rains down 200 metric tons of soot that end up essentially salting the earth so nothing can safely grow for an untold amount of time. Not to mention the pollution they cause as they drop when packs swell from cold climate use.

Biden has been wasting money his entire presidency. Unable to accomplish anything substantial, he has remained focused on this failed green initiative, and now by abusing the EPA, he is burning yet another pile. It’s long past time to cut off the poison. We need our elected officials to stand up to him and his childish antics over fake green energy.