Why Computer Chips Are Hot Stock Now, and Will Only Get Hotter No Matter What Happens

BigBlueStudio / shutterstock.com
BigBlueStudio / shutterstock.com

The further we get into Artificial Intelligence, automation, or even just optimal motorization, the more reliant we are becoming on computer chips. Also known as semiconductors, they are the reason behind the massive spike in auto prices during COVID and are an incredibly delicate marketplace. With much of the production currently in Taiwan, many companies are trying to set up factories here in the US to ensure consistent supply and quality.

Currently, the market is not just reeling from the shortage brought on by COVID. Companies are still struggling to modify their product lines to keep up with advancements. These changes are coming at a moment’s notice, and with these changes come more orders to upgrade, replace, and, in limited cases, repair old chips. This means the few companies who have microchips all but cornered are not only churning them out at a solid rate, but they are charging higher and higher prices.

These already inflated prices are driving stocks higher and higher. Many companies are either providing nice dividends or paying off existing debt so the company can turn more profits as the months go by. Again, this means nothing but plus sides for you.

At this point, devices are continually getting smaller and faster, coming with more features and running more reliably. All these achievements are due to advancements in semiconductors. These brilliant engineers, scientists, and programmers are innovating at a rate that makes the Industrial Revolution look like a joke. For the American people, this means we need to be bringing this production back to American shores.

By buying up shares and voting to get jobs back here, we can make this nation yet again the pinnacle of innovation AND turn a nice profit to secure the future for our children by doing it.