Dems Risk Losing State Senate Hold After Being Caught in Lie

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It seems like everywhere you turn, there are scam artists and liars. And unfortunately, the Democratic Party is no exception.

Introducing newly elected Senator Ghazala Hashmi, who recently won a seat to represent Viriginia’s 15 senatorial district.

But, according to The Daily Wire, that’s not the actual district where she lives. And that’s a major problem.

You see, as with most Congressional seats, you represent the district you live in. You literally are not allowed to run for a district you don’t live in, even if you are familiar with, have lived there before, or own property there.

Hashmi’s District 10 recently underwent some redistricting. The place of her residence in Midlothian, where she has lived with her husband since 1999, no longer sits in that district. This would legally disqualify her from running for the district she supposedly just won.

Of course, she couldn’t just admit she’s no longer eligible. So she simply chose another district to run in (District 15) and started renting an apartment located in the neighboring Chesterfield County situated in that district.

According to the paperwork she filed to run, she lives at the apartment in Chesterfield County. Hell, she didn’t even mention that she owned a home in Midlothian with her husband.

Basically, she straight-up lied, which is a felony when included on any election candidacy paperwork.

Hashmi was found out because no less than four of her Midlothian neighbors noticed her being there more often than not, suggesting that her primary residence was not in the district she just won. And these neighbors didn’t like the idea of a lying politician, so they reported her.

There is now an investigation into Hashmi’s crime.

Should she be found guilty, she could face a $2,500 fine, up to 10 years in prison, and lose her right to vote.

Oh, and, of course, she forfeits the seat she just one. Hell, it could even go to her opposition, a Republican, which would also mean Virginia’s Senate would also lose their Democratic majority.

Good job, Hashmi…