Mainstream Media Begs Americans to Forget About That Whole Pandemic Fascism Thing They Did

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ESB Professional /

ABC News ran an article this week urging everyone to just forget all about that whole COVID-19 pandemic thing, and any “trauma” they may have experienced because of it. Really? Is that what we should do? Especially since the mainstream media, who teamed up with Tony “Dr. Doom” Fauci, were the main ones who traumatized and brainwashed people through the whole ordeal.

The article informs its readers, “Research has shown the pandemic has led to increased rates of anxiety, depression, psychosis, loneliness and other mental health issues.”

But that’s not true. The “pandemic” didn’t do any of those things. The government and media response to the pandemic caused those things.

The coronavirus didn’t keep kids out of school, causing a generational loss in learning which will have catastrophic effects on America for years to come. The leftwing teacher unions did that. Coronavirus didn’t cause the suicide rate for teenage girls to increase by 50%. The social isolation and depression that resulted from the lockdowns did that.

Remember the mom who was tasered and arrested at her son’s football game for not wearing a mask as she was sitting alone, far away from any other people? Coronavirus didn’t do that. The government and the fear incited by the mainstream media did that.

People died alone in nursing homes, unable to hug their own spouses or their grandchildren at the end of their lives, because of the government and the media. People lost their businesses and their livelihoods. People got fired from their jobs for refusing to take an experimental medicine they didn’t want.

Anyway, to ABC News’ claim that we should all just forget about what was done during the pandemic so we can move on: No thanks. We won’t forget and we won’t forgive. A lot of MSM and government officials deserve to go to prison for what they did to the American people during the pandemic.