Chicago Cops Allegedly Rape Illegal Alien Teen, Prompting Evacuation

Scott Cornell /
Scott Cornell /

An internal affairs investigation has prompted the evacuation of dozens of illegal aliens from a Chicago police station where they were living on the floor. Multiple Chicago Police Department employees have been accused of sexually exploiting the “guests,” including one officer who allegedly impregnated an illegal alien teenage girl.

Chicago city services have been strained ever since red-state governors started busing the illegals to the Windy City. There’s simply no room for them, so one strategy that has infuriated the Americans living in Chicago has been to move the illegals into police stations.

“Surely they’ll be safe in a police station!” thought the city’s idiotic leaders.

It turns out they might not be as safe when living near Chicago police officers. Nearly 40 illegals were loaded onto buses and taken to another location to protect them from the officers’ alleged sexual exploitation.

Chicago residents have been furious with city officials in public meetings about the flood of illegals. No one—including Democrat voters—wants the illegals moved into their neighborhoods.

When someone goes to a police station to file a report these days, they have to wade through dirty diapers on the floor and crowds of non-English-speaking foreigners who haven’t showered recently.

The illegals are also being housed in school gyms, which is enraging the parents of students attending those Chicago public schools. Every idea from city officials has been met with scorn, derision, and outrage—as it should.

The Democrat mayor of Chicago and the city council have appropriated more than $51 million to deal with the illegal alien crisis so far. Every dime spent on the illegals is one less dime spent on Chicago’s crumbling infrastructure and failing schools.

Based on how crazy America is right now, the molested illegals will probably sue and win a huge settlement against the police department, which the taxpayers will have to pay.