Biological Man Crushes Women’s Powerlifting Record by 440 Pounds by Calling Himself ‘Anne’

Petrenko Andriy /
Petrenko Andriy /

A 40-year-old man who calls himself ‘Anne’ Andres set a new women’s powerlifting record in August. He uses his brute strength, dense muscle mass, and bone structure to do something that no woman has ever done before. He lifted 1,317 pounds, completely crushing all previous female powerlifting records for some reason! The next closest real woman, SuJan Gill, was only able to lift a paltry 877 pounds for a distant second place.

SuJan Gill probably thought she was going to win first place in the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s women’s championships between August 10 and 17. But SuJan obviously underestimated the Canadian sporting body’s willingness to embarrass itself by allowing a hulking biological man to pretend to be a woman. No first-place trophy for you, SuJan! All that hard work and your hopes and dreams have to play second fiddle to the feelings of a monstrous brute who wants to pretend he’s a girl.

In an Instagram post following his victory, ‘Anne’ bragged about how much better he is at powerlifting than all the little girls participating in the sport.

“[I] didn’t touch a barbell in my entire life until seven years ago,” bragged ‘Anne’ in the characteristically mean fashion of all M-to-F trans people. “In theory, I will be representing Canada at IPF Masters Worlds in October 2024. Unless I get hurt, I will win by a good margin.”

Yes, you will, ‘Anne!’ We just want to say congratulations in advance for crushing the dreams of real women! You go, boy!

‘Anne,’ who is a great big strapping lad, noted in another post that he has always had extremely low testosterone. Yeah. That’s the first thing you’d think when you look at this giant, hulking dude. ‘Anne’ then added that he has already been through menopause three times in case you had any doubts that he is a crazy person.

Amazingly, many of the real women in Canadian powerlifting are too afraid of having their careers destroyed by speaking out against the obvious unfairness of having a burly man steal all their first-place trophies. While he was competing at the North American Powerlifting Federation, ‘Anne’ says that all the female competitors wore transgender socks to support him.

That obviously took balls.

The Canadian government will now jail you for a hate crime if you say or do anything that suggests that people like ‘Anne’ are not actual women with all the incumbent lady parts that come with that. Second-place finisher SuJan Gill is obviously so afraid of offending the Trudeau regime that had nothing but praise for the gigantic man who stole her trophy.

“My view is that everyone is forgetting that Anne Andres is a human being with emotions, and a desire to be accepted, as we all are. As a fellow human being, I chose to support her [him], as she [he] chooses to support me and all of our fellow lifters.”

Wow. No wonder women’s international sports are continuing to lose ground to these obviously cheating men with a weird fetish.

The cowardice of the women in the Canadian Powerlifting Union, and their unwillingness to stand up for their own female spaces, speaks volumes about just how dangerous and pervasive the trans ideology is. If they won’t speak out in favor of keeping women’s sports separate from these fake men, will they be willing to speak out against trans people grooming children? Probably not.

It really makes you appreciate the courage of female swimming champion Riley Gaines here in the US. We can make fun of monsters like ‘Anne’ all day long here, but it doesn’t do much good. Women are going to have to speak up for themselves, their sports, and their spaces if they want to truly stop this movement.