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FDA Approves New Drug to Help Biden Win?

By now, I don't think it's any secret that Joe Biden is struggling in his re-election campaign, mostly due to concerns about his age...
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Veteran Files Suit After Being Arrested for Protesting for Homeless Vets

Veteran Jeff Gray is now enacting his third lawsuit against the Port Wentworth, Georgia, Police Department. Officer Robert Hemminger is alleged to know that...
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Biden Takes Steps Towards Boots on Ground in Ukraine

With little to no provocation or warning to the American people, President Biden signed authorization for the activation of 3,000 reserves and Inactive Ready...
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Montana Pulls Out of ALA Because It’s Unconstitutional to Support a Communist Leader

The Montana State Library has formally voted to withdraw its membership in the American Library Association (ALA), citing the communist ideology of the ALA’s...
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GOP Rep. Moves to Stop Biden’s Illegal Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Joe “LOL-81-million” Biden has decided to break international law by sending outlawed cluster bombs to Ukraine, in order to exacerbate and continue his illegal...
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Chicago Cops Allegedly Rape Illegal Alien Teen, Prompting Evacuation

An internal affairs investigation has prompted the evacuation of dozens of illegal aliens from a Chicago police station where they were living on the...
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Cleveland Shooting Reignites the Leftist Propaganda Machine

Just hours after 13 people were shot in the Lake Erie city of Cleveland, OH, Leftist Mayor Justin Bibb and others took to the... /

Now That They Own Your Kids, Democrats Push to Allow Them to Vote

Liberal ideology is a young person’s belief system, and Democrats are betting on the youth vote to keep them in power with no fraud...
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California Has Spoken: Child Support is Racist

In a world where math, statues, and roads are racist, it’s hard to imagine what new depths of idiocy progressives will reach in their...
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Rather Than Fix Highways, Feds Hand Grand Canyon Officials THIS

Grand Canyon National Park is getting an infusion of cash designated for the national highways and is, instead, using that $27.5 million to get...

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